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Born in 1989, in Versailles "With art you", is a young French artist.

Driven by a passion for street art, she throws herself headlong into graffiti and exhibits her first works in Cannes where the artist paints on graffiti skateboards.


Her art evolves, she takes possession of the objects that are dear to her in order to better reinvent them. This is how malicious characters extricate themselves from its aerosol cans.


Sometimes colorful, sometimes monochrome, his works are inspired by pop culture and urban art.


With art you is carried by this saying "Who keeps his child's soul never gets old!" ".

Banksy tribute
Dior spray can
Banksy tribute
Mickey Supreme
Chanel spray can
Mickey Mousse
Nike by With art you
Dior spray cann on canvas
Mickey Mousse
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