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Influenced by the abstract expressionism of American artist Jackson Pollock, David honed his style, which is characterized by the effects of overlays (""dripping"") and a profusion of colours and materials.

Inspired by the aesthetics of torn advertising posters in the Paris metro, David turned to Pop Art. Since then his creations are patchworks of bright colours. He uses old advertisements from the early twentieth century, which he glues and paints with glycerine paint and markers.

These ""vintage"" icons populate his more and more vivacious and undisciplined works, multiplying his nods to Art Nouveau, contemporary graffiti and floral compositions.

Jessica - David Drioton
The Joker - David Drioton
Jessica - David Drioton
My Charlot - David Drioton
Batman - David Drioton
Beauty - David Drioton
The Joker - David Drioton
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