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Edu Danesi


Native of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Edu Danesi has lived and worked in Belgium since 1996. A few years after his graduation, from the city of Brussels school of photography, the photographer converted to painting.

Predominantly Self-taught, he works with several techniques such as painting, collage, drawing, graffiti and stencil on various media such as canvas, wood, metal, on body parts or simply the walls ... Edu believes "The importancy ' is that the image speaks, she passes something, an emotion ... "

   He's been quoted as saying It is this mixture between the photographer's vision and work of the painter, with a touch of southern blood, giving the images a cocktail, full of colour, sensuality, poetry, provocation and positivity ...

   A cocktail of full emotions.

Original artwork by Edu Danesi
BB-Porsche 911 - Edu Danesi
Le mans - Edu Danesi - Porsche 911
Porsche 911 Hood
Blue butterfly by Edu Danesi
Scandale By edu danesi
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