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Artist painter sculptor born in Paris in 1967, graduated from IPEDEC (School of decorative painting in Paris) and specialized in trompe l'oeil painting, Alain Mimouni has created over the years his own style and gave life to a method of painting innovative work and rich in the materials used.
With various and varied technical means (such as acrylic, oil, matt or glossy varnishes, gold or aluminum leaves), he seeks to give his work a real touch through a work in progress relief on 3D paintings. On extremely worked surfaces, his work is at the crossroads of painting and sculpture. Indeed, he realizes his works both on canvas and on plexiglass, or even on aluminum waves.
The shapes are straight or wavy, the tones and contrasts are subtle ... A secret alchemy that combines precision shapes and colors, allowing him to live his works and thus retranscribe the meaning he seeks to give them.

His style was a forerunner, he now exceeds the traditional painting to bring him a touch of freshness and modernity via the pop art and street art. While incorporating in his works elements of Jewish culture (number 18 and 26), he remains inspired by the imagery of Comics, Disney, Cartoons, Superheroes, American sports teams and many others. Also, he loves to paint his hometown, Paris.

In this innovative movement, he was at the origin of the painting-sculpture on the theme of the dollar of the Lubavitcher Rebbe who takes the Braha he gave by offering this dollar. Emblems of luck and success, and beyond a simple decorative object, his works incorporate therefore blessings and symbols to which they can be attached.

Its strength is in particular to know how to adapt to the requests of its customers, realizing numerous works on order, personalized and tailor-made (Cabinet of Lawyers and accountants, Music groups, Garage Porsche and automobile, Chain of restaurants, and even "pop teeth" created for Dental Centers). He knows how to listen and is aware of the themes that they want to address, while keeping the spirit of his art. A multitude of subjects that this artist is able to highlight and put at the center of his work.

Finally, he makes many sculptures and customizes a number of decorative objects such as apples, motorcycle helmets or skateboards, guitars, giant cans, bulldogs or 3D basketballs. As many object that allow you to add a touch of decoration and modernity to your interior.

Watching colors and patterns, but also depth of symbols, this is the trademark of Alain Mimouni.

Mimouni - Chanel Paris
Alain Mimouni Picsou dollar XL
Mimouni - Pink Dollar
Alain mimouni  N.Orleans
Alain mimouni -code civil
Mimouni - Miami Flamingo
Mimouni - Billionnaire in Cannes
Saint Tropez - Mimouni
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